Pricing Changes

Dear Valued Retailer,


I’m writing to let you know about pricing changes we will be making to a few of our product lines.


Increasing prices is not a choice we make lightly – this is something we do only out of necessity. Up to this point, we’ve done everything we can to absorb rising raw materials, transportation, and labor costs. Our supplier partners and other vendors in our industry are experiencing the same pressures, and many have already raised their prices – some multiple times in the past year.


We have held off as long as possible, but to ensure we continue offering the same level of high-quality goods you’ve come to expect, we will be increasing prices beginning July 1, 2021. New prices will vary based on product, but you can expect to see an average increase of 13%.


These product lines are made here in our facility in Los Angeles. Increasing prices will allow us to continue paying our family of employees fairly and creating more jobs in our community. Without making these changes, we would be forced to cut costs in other areas. We simply will not sacrifice support for our people or the quality of our materials. I humbly ask for your understanding and hope you continue to see the value in our people and our products.


At Two Group, we always strive for transparency and good communication, so we wanted to make sure you had this information well in advance of the changes. I encourage you to take advantage of current pricing while you can. All orders placed by June 30, 2021 will be processed with existing prices. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our wonderful Customer Care team at or 866-613-1668. Please bear in mind, exact prices will not be finalized and shared until July 1st.


As always, thank you for your loyalty and partnership.


Two Group Flag Co.



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